faculty - Bret Romney




Bret R. Romney

323 McClellan Creek Road
Montana City, MT 59634
Phone:  (406) 459-7148
E-Mail:  bromney@ascendnow.com
Web:  www.ascendnow.com










Bret Romney, Montana City, Montana is the founder and President of Ascend Strategies, Inc., a company focused on helping organizations apply the principles, strategies and disciplines necessary to move to new levels of success.  By using the unique Success Orienteering approach to working on their business, Bret’s clients stay focused on achieving tangible and significant results.

Bret is a frequent speaker on topics specific to moving an organization to the next level.  Typical areas of focus include vision and culture, strategic and operational planning, leadership development, marketing & sales, consulting, goal setting & execution, project management, niche development, and team building & motivation.  Bret teaches workshops and facilitates retreats for many diverse companies in various industries.

Bret serves as an outside source of accountability to help clients stay focused and disciplined.  His strength is in getting team members at all levels of the organization to understand and commit to their unique role in moving toward the shared vision.

Common client focus areas include:

 •   Company vision & culture
 •   Strategic & operational planning
 •   Individual and team goal setting
 •   Process & operational improvement
 •   Revenue growth - marketing & sales
 •   Leadership development and succession
 •   Accountability and incentive systems
 •   Product development and branding strategy
 •   Culture improvement
 •   Communication

Previously, he was with Upstream Academy, Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co., P. C., and IBM.  In addition to spending time with his wife Donna and their children, his other interests include fly-fishing, mountain biking, climbing, backpacking and other outdoor activities.