If you are interested in becoming an ITA member, contact ITA's President, Stan Mork, who will provide additional information and ask you to complete the membership application which is approved by the ITA Board of Directors.  We look to ITA's membership to recommend new members and encourage you to be in touch with those you know for more information as well.


There are many reasons to consider joining the ITA!  What follows is a brief summary. For more complete information, please see the Constituency page.

Consulting & Reselling Firms

As an ITA Consulting & Reselling Firm member, you and your firm will enjoy benefits which include:

  • Attendance at two events in premier settings with first-class accommodations each year to network with leaders of similar organizations and other leading industry partners.
  • Access to current, real-world market intelligence ("first mover" advantage) through benchmarking, best practices and demographic information made available to members at our meetings and via our website.
  • Access to ITA marketing support.

"The relationships I have built through the ITA have had a major positive impact on my business. Between sharing of best practices and everyone being open about all areas of their business it would be impossible to attend a meeting and not come back to the office with lots of valuable ideas."
...... Lisa Kianoff, Warren Averett

Alliance Partners

As an an Affinity Partner (AP) member, you and your company will enjoy benefits which include:

  • Attendance at two events each year in premier settings with first-class accommodations to network with peers and leaders of key vendors and consultants to the profession.
  • Visibility and access to the leading IT Practice Firms focused on the SMB space. These firms are great prospects for selling or influencing sales for your products.
  • Resources for strengthening your channel partners.
  • An environment that allows you to build stronger relationships with existing business partners.

"The relationship we have with the ITA is a vital component of our partner development strategy. The semi-annual conferences allow us to build more trusted relationships with our partners and to interact with partner leaders from both Sage and non-Sage partners. We are honored by our membership in ITA and highly recommend it to our partners."
...... Ed Kless, Sage

Internal Technology Leaders

As an ITA Internal Technology Leader member, you and your firm will enjoy benefits, which include:

  • Attendance by four firm members at the 2 Collaboratives and 3 for the Summer ITL Meetings held in premier settings with first-class accommodations where you will network with, and learn from, the leaders of other similar-sized CPA Firms and IT professionals.
  • Participation in, and access to, specific peer firm Benchmarking exercises and data, sharing of internal technology Best Practices, and the ability to “pick the brains” of industry leaders.
  • Access to current, real-world, market intelligence and trends("first mover" advantage) through vendor product direction presentations and technical information, as made available to members at our meetings, via our website, and by contacts with your peers.

"DHG has been a part of the ITA for many years and over that time the Association has consistently proven valuable to me and my management team.   Our interactions and professional relationships through ITA are some of the most important we have.”
..... John B. Bowles, DHG


ITA Collaboratives and meetings are a significant way ITA members receive value. For examples of the breadth, depth, and relevance of the topics covered, please go to the "Meetings" tab on the wsebsite Navigation for an upcoming meeting.  Or Contact ITA!