Welcome to ITA

The Information Technology Alliance (ITA) is an independent, membership association of leading mid-market technology professionals, consultants, and product/service providers in North America. Our primary objective is to create a community where members share information and build relationships that improve the way they, and their clients, do business.

ITA is a place where independent thinking and alternative points of view are openly promoted and respected. Our members believe and practice the ITA motto – “Knowledge Increases in Value When Shared” – through active networking, surveys, newsletters, and biannual retreats.



ITA Members

“ITA has introduced me to a network of successful and knowledgeable business executives around the country that I can call on for advice and feedback on any and all types of industry related issues. My membership and involvement with ITA over the past few years has benefited both me as a professional and Net@Work as a growing business.”
Ed Solomon, Net@Work

"ITA provides a forum for senior managers to exchange ideas and share business practices. Of the conferences I attend, the semi-annual ITA conferences are by far the best at focusing on the strategic issues that concern me as a business owner.”
Eric Frank, NexTec Group, Inc.

“When CBIZ joined the ITA my management team and I came away from the first meeting extremely impressed with the interactions we encountered. Since that first exposure we have embraced the concept of information sharing and technology leveraging amongst our peers. Working and discussing common opportunities and issues, with others in our industry has proved to be invaluable.”
George A. Dufour, CBIZ, Inc