ITA murder mystery show – MONDAY, april 26, 7:00-8:30 PM EASTERN

Join us for the ITA Virtual Murder Mystery Show:  Bullets In The Bathtub
Lots of gangsters are showing up at “Cherry’s Speakeasy” to talk about the turf war going on between the Corneolis and the Buttafuccos. Just when we think things are going to settle down, in comes Harry Hyde, (the famous Russian mobster). He sure does know how to make enemies! Deadly ones!  Take part in the SHOW .... or not.  Lots of fun either way!
No cost for this optional event. 

Pre-registration for this optional event is mandatory

  • It is a selection as you register for the Spring Virtual Collaborative.  Separately, you will also need to click on the Button below to finish the sign-up process.
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  • Click Here to visit the Virtual Show Tips Page for costume ideas, cocktail recipes, requirements, how-tos and more!


ITA taco tuesday COOKING CLAss – TUESDAY, april 27, 7:00-8:30 PM EASTERN

Nothing jazzes up a Tuesday more than Margaritas and Tacos! 

Let’s get out of the office and into the kitchen! Have your family/friend/roommate join you in this live interactive online cooking class with Chef Vivian and Michi.  You will add a contemporary gourmet twist to some authentic Mexican flavors. Create vegetarian tacos loaded with shiitake mushrooms and topped with tangy pineapple salsa, and ribeye steak tacos featuring white cheese and jalapeños. They're the perfect pairing for your traditional lime margarita! (Feel free to make substitutions of your choice)

  •  The Cooking class is fully interactive.
  •  The Chef accompanies you throughout the entire process.
  •  Ask as many questions as you want!

No cost for this optional event…Just the cost for the ingredients that you will need to buy in advance.

Pre-registration for this optional event is mandatory.  You can register for this social event at the same time you register for the Spring Virtual Collaborative or after. To register for both the Collaborative AND this Cooking event, Click Here.   

If you have already registered and want to add this activity, Login to our Website > My ITA > My Events > Spring Collaborative and add session.


  • Vegetarian Tacos With Pineapple Salsa - With shiitake mushrooms, avocado, red onions, jalapeños, cilantro and limes.
  • Ribeye Steak Tacos - With red onions, jalapeños, lime, spring mix and white cheese.
  • Margarita - With tequila, triple sec, lime juice, margarita mix and ice.


  • Iron grilling pan
  • Knife
  • Cutting boards
  • Bowls


Shop at your favorite Grocery Store or use an Online service (i.e. Instacart) to purchase these ingredients below:

Tequila Avocado Ground Black Pepper
Triple Sec Red Onion Diced Pineapple
Lime Juice Cilantro 8 Oz Rib Eye Steak
Margarita Mix Limes Spring Mix
Ice Jalapeno White Queso
Shitake Mushrooms Sea Salt  







Sitting on Zoom meetings all day long can be a drain on your mind and body. It’s time to get up and move! You’re invited to participate in the second ITA Virtual Fitness Challenge.

No cost for the event or for the participant T-shirts.

No need to pre-registerjust join the ITALand FaceBook group and post your goal. Click on this Button  ITA-Facebook-Group-150x44


  • Visit the ITALand Facebook Group page (above) and request to join it (if not a member already).
  • Post your mileage goal for the three days of the Spring Virtual Collaborative and planned activity (e.g., walking, running, biking, swimming, gym, or create your own fitness goal) with the hashtag #ITAfitnesschallenge.
  • Show us one or more pictures of what you did and confirm that you hit your goal.
  • Wait for your sweat … err … sweet ITA Fitness Challenge t-shirt to show up in your mailbox!  (Details will be emailed the last day of the Spring Virtual Collaborative)



Questions?  Click Here.  Email-Social-Committee_150x44


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