To register for the Collaborative,  you must login with your email address and password.

  • Don't have a login? On the ITA Website Login Page, select the  Registration Button (for Nonmembers / New Visitors) and follow the prompts.
  • To register others in your organization for the Collaborative, they must be listed in our database with your Organization. If you are the Primary Contact or their designated Administrator, you can check to see who is listed, make changes as listed below, and then proceed to complete the registration:
    • Login to ITA Website
    • Go to My ITA > My Information > Organization Information > Click on your company name
    • Choose Manage Org Individuals. You will see all the individuals linked to your organization.
    • If you need to add individuals, choose the Add Individuals link.

NOTE:  Online registrations must be paid by credit card.  If you want to pay by check or have questions:  Contact Us

Fees and Discounts

Consultants & Resellers (CR)

  • Virtual $200 Member fee
  • Unlimited Virtual Attendees $1,000 Member fee

Consultants to the Profession (CTP)

  • Virtual $200 Member fee
  • Unlimited Virtual Attendees $1,000 Member fee

Internal Technology Leaders (ITL)

  • Unlimited Attendees are prepaid with your dues.

Alliance Partners (AP), Affinity Partners and Vendors to the Profession (APV) Members

  • Alliance Partners (APs) – 4 Virtual Attendees are prepaid with your dues. 
  • Affinity Partners & Vendors to Profession (APVs) – 2 Virtual Attendees are prepaid with your dues.
  • Additional Virtual Attendees – $200 Member Fee.   
  • NOTE:  If you are registering your people as a group, first process the prepaid people, select the prepaid fee option at the dropdown arrow and proceed to checkout. Then start over to do the paid people.

Client Accounting Advisory Services (CAS)

  • Unlimited Attendees are prepaid with your dues.

Emeritus Members

  • Virtual $200 Member fee


  • Virtual $350 Nonmember fee  
  • Registration is available to qualified membership prospects and invited guests. Nonmember registration cannot be processed on line.  If you want to register as a nonmember, please email ITA President Shawn Slavin or call him at (480)515-2003 (Ext 1). 

Alumni of ITA 

  • Virtual $250 fee.  Alumni registration cannot be processed online.  If you want to register as an alumnus,  contact us.​​


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Cancellation / Substitution Policy
Cancellations will be honored up to 7 days prior to the event with no obligation. Substitutions within the same company will be honored. After 7 days, there will be no refunds. 

Waiver and Indemnification Policy

Click Here for More Details on ITA Meeting Policies