Alliance Partners (AP)

To qualify as an Alliance Partner, you must:

  • Have a history or track record of delivering quality IT products and services to the SMB market.
  • Agree to recruit your top partners as ITA Practice Firms.
  • Agree to promote the ITA Fall Collaborative to partners and associates.
  • Employ professionals who have demonstrated a willingness to serve in volunteer capacities to further the IT profession.
  • Endorse and agree to abide by the ITA Code of Professional Conduct.  

Why should I join the ITA?  

As an ITA Alliance Partner, you and your firm would enjoy these benefits:

  • The opportunity for two prepaid firm representatives to attend the Spring and Fall ITA Collaboratives each year, all sessions and all events, to network with peers and showcase your offerings in premier meeting settings with first-class accommodations. Additional representatives can attend by paying our standard conference registration fee.
  • Visibility and access to the leading IT Practice Firms focused on the SMB space. These firms are great prospects for selling or influencing sales for the participating ITA Alliance Partners’ products:
    • Winning the “hearts and minds” of ITA Practice Firms can certainly lead to improved SMB market share for ITA Alliance Partners.
    • ITA Practice Firms make ideal channel partners because they are committed to improving their performance and investing in their firm’s future success, the same traits that result in increased sales of your products and services.
    • If you assume that each ITA Practice Firm has 350 active clients and markets to a database of SMB prospects, ITA Practice Firms collectively:
      • Service 20,000 SMB clients.
      • Market, sell and recommend IT products and services to 200,000 SMB prospects.  ​
  • The ITA is a valuable resource for strengthening Alliance Partners’ existing channel partners:
    • Alliance Partners are encouraged to market the value of the ITA to their existing reseller networks.
    • The ITA provides participating Practice Firms with the opportunity to improve the leadership, technical and business skills of their principals and employees.
    • This ITA enabled knowledge sharing and skill development results in stronger VAR organizations more capable of exceeding Alliance Partner expectations in the areas of marketing, sales, implementation and customer support.
  • The ITA provides a great environment for allowing Alliance Partners to build stronger relationships with their existing business partners (Practice Firms):
    • The ITA provides a “vendor-neutral” setting ideal for relationship building.
    • ITA educational sessions, refreshment breaks, meals and group activities all provide Alliance Partners with an opportunity to get to know their channel partners better, and vice versa.
    • Stronger Alliance Partner/Practice Firm relationships create more “buy-in” for the participating ITA Alliance Partners’ products, resulting in increased mind share for those products within each Practice Firm and potentially more sales.
  • Opportunities to speak at ITA events and participate in ITA leadership roles and committees, as available.
  • Special access to most ITA Members Only information on the ITA website.
  • The ability to promote your firm’s skill sets, products, experiences and accomplishments to the profession’s leading firms.
  • The ability to enhance your business, your network and your skills and have fun while doing it!
  • Access to ITA marketing support that includes:
    • Participation in a new member press release upon membership acceptance.
    • An ITA website listing.
    • Access to the ITA logo for your use in promoting your ITA affiliation. 

How can I take maximum advantage of my ITA membership?

When you become an ITA member, you affiliate yourself with a highly recognized and respected community of IT professionals. To maximize the ITA's brand recognition for yourself and the profession, member firms are encouraged to:

  • Participate actively in the ITA. You will benefit from the incredible resources and networking opportunities by getting involved.
  • Link your website to the ITA website.
  • Actively promote the ITA to your practice firms. The ITA urges you to use the “ITA Value Proposition for Practice Firms” in your ITA-related marketing communications with your VAR/resellers.
  • Network with other ITA members, including linking to their websites when appropriate.
  • Use the ITA logo as described in the ITA Logo Usage Guidelines on your:
    • Letterhead
    • Website
    • Company literature 

Click Here to Inquire About ITA Membership

When you meet our membership criteria and are approved, then:

  • Submit your one-time new member initiation fee and first year's annual dues. Currently, there is a $1,250 new member initiation fee and $9,900 annual dues.
  • Agree to pay the annual dues by September 1 of each year thereafter (currently $9,900).
  • Agree to abide by the ITA Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Maintain your “membership in good standing” qualifications, including active association participation and timely payment of invoices.