Amelio, founded in 2009, is a pioneer technology in the accounting profession and an example of what a next generation Business Process Management solution can offer. Focused on automating workflow processes, Amelio provides a flexible and scalable hosted - or on premise - workflow solution that allows you to leverage your unique processes and showcase your firm’s experience. With Amelio, your firm’s Audit, Tax and Engagement Letter Generation Workflow, along with your other business processes can finally be housed in the same system.

Amelio is easy to deploy and does not require any additional investment in a technology expert. Templates and workflows are simple to create, ensuring an IT liaison is no longer needed to manage your processes and workflows. The control and power fall back to the hands of the subject matter experts and your administrative staff who create, monitor and update the processes. 

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Primary Contact:  Gagan Dhaliwal
phone-1  908-801-4912