Intapp provides software that enables accounting firms to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace by improving operational efficiency and driving client success.  

Intapp's three practice groups (Risk, Integration and Revenue) focus on understanding existing pressures and emerging trends, and translating this knowledge into products and best practices. Intapp products allow firms to align business operations with business strategy, and are recognized as the most advanced in their respective categories – independence, client acceptance, information security, application integration, workflow management, and time entry and recording.  Serving more than 800 customers, Intapp has cultivated an unparalleled record of customer success and collaborative partner relationships. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with business operations in New York, Atlanta, London, and Sydney, Intapp offers a unique combination of industry expertise, technical innovation, consumer-friendly design and customer-focused business philosophy.

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Primary Contact:  Mandy Hanson
phone-1  (678) 938-4789