Laurel is an automated time system that tracks billable work as the work is happening.  It leverages AI and automation design to be the only company to deliver a ready-for-review timesheet for professional services. 

Laurel is currently rolling out to Global 100 law and the Big-4 accounting firms.  In addition to saving professional time and frustration, the benefits for the firm are:

MONEY  Laurel is generating between 4-11 % revenue for its customers.  Here are some public facing case studies.

DATA  Laurel is creating point-of-work data that has never been collected or analyzed before,  This data will help firms manage utilization and set their fixed fee arrangements.  

All of these benefits are above and beyond the market incumbents.  If you are interested in seeing a product can check it out Here


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Primary Contact:  Lissa Griffith
phone-1  (863) 214-3696