REPAY offers omni-channel B2C and B2B integrated payment solutions for every business. Whether you are making B2B payments or collecting them, REPAY is your full-service payments provider. Offering an all-in-one payments solution that is trusted by thousands of clients daily to process AR payments, automate AP supplier payments, and reduce risk without changing your current accounting processes. 

Our AR payment solutions enable clients to benefit from multiple payment methods, Level 3 B2B rates, increased cash flow with online payment portal capabilities, and seamless integration to help customers save time.  Our AP vendor payment solutions enable clients to take advantage of real-time payment updates by automating supplier and buyer payments, and eliminates the need for paper checks. With visibility into the entire AP process, you know the moment a payment is made and when one is collected.  Combining AP and AR provides a single source for all reporting so you can spend less time managing and reconciling payments and more time growing your business.

REPAY is seamlessly integrated with multiple leading ERP, eCommerce, CRM, POS, and Mobile applications. If a prebuilt integration is not available, an API is available to develop a custom integration. Power up your payments to empower your business and accelerate the AP and AR payment flow with Integrated B2B Payments from REPAY today!  

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Primary Contact:  Liz Anderson
phone-1  (888) 685-1900